Dog Exercise: Hiring a Dog Runner or Dog Jogger

Dog JoggingWhen your dog paws the doorknob or plops your running shoes on your lap, it can only mean one thing. It’s time to hit the road. Man’s Best Friend needs sufficient daily exercise to maintain optimal bone, joint and heart health. A pedestrian-paced 15 minute walk, with extended potty breaks, generally doesn’t provide enough activity to allow your dog to channel that extra energy, especially if your dog is young and has significant energy.

When you are at work, have another commitment or are just need a break, a dog jogger (or dog runner) can keep your dog’s motor running and help reduce his excess energy. These pet care professionals are a great option for dogs that need a higher level of activity than a traditional dog walking or daycare service can deliver. They love dogs and understand the importance of designing a session that meets their unique needs.

Most dogs were born to cruise. Dalmatians, Samoyed, Dobermans and many other active breeds need daily 30 to 45 minute high energy runs to keep them healthy and happy. Dog joggers are athletes and can easily set a pace that will give any dog a great workout, rain or shine. Dog joggers and runners know how much they are able to push a dog, and they are knowledgeable about when to let the dog rest and finish the run or jog.

For senior dogs and those with injuries, weight issues or other physical limitations, dog joggers adopt a swift-paced walk to accommodate their fitness and abilities. Pugs, Beagles, Akitas and certain other breeds do not need high level workouts and are ideal candidates for these walks. Every dog can benefit from daily exercise session with a dog jogger.

When working with a dog jogger, people should consult their veterinarian to determine their dog’s level of readiness for exercise. Dog joggers can handle up to two dogs during one session. If you need a private workout session, there may be extra charges.

For safety reasons and to make the most of the session, dog joggers will normally exercise with your dog in a park near your home. If this is not an option, they will jog on nearby sidewalks. Dog jogger services are available in most major cities. There are a number of dog jogging and running services on this website… simply ask the company if they can accomodate this request for your dog.

The cost for this type of workout varies based upon the locale, length and number of the workout sessions. One private 30 minute session can cost between $20 to 32.

Photo: Flickr