Winter is Coming: Hire a Dog Walker Now

winter dog walksNobody really enjoys walking the dog when it’s snowing out and the temperatures drop. Before the winter chill starts to fill the air, you should seriously consider hiring a dog walker. When it’s cold out, you may not want to, or be able to get to walk your dog Furthermore, the holidays will likely be taking up a lot of your time.

You always want to hire dog walkers in advance. You want to be sure you trust your dog walker and know that you’ll be able to rely on him or her no matter what. You’ll want to establish a good track record now so that you know your dog walker will be dependable, especially if you establish a regular schedule.

Sometimes you’ll need someone to walk your dog on short notice or on a irregular basis. Imagine that you’re stuck in a snowstorm and won’t be home from work on time. Instead of scrambling to find someone to walk your dog, you can call up your dog walker and ask him or her to please head over to your home.

Weather is a major factor for hiring a dog walker now. It’ll likely take you longer and longer to get home as the year progresses, and driving conditions become more dangerous. Your pup will not want to spend all of that time inside. Additionally, if you were off for the summer, your dog will not be going out nearly as much as he or she would be if you were home.

Winter trips also present a reason to hire a dog walker. You might be planning to travel overnight or to go away for all of winter break. At this point, your regular dog walker might turn into your pet sitter for a few days. Of course, you don’t want to spring this on anyone. If you hire a dog walker now, the person will have plenty of time to get used to your dog. By the time you are ready to go on your trip, you’ll know that you can trust the dog walker with your precious pup and with being in your home.

Whatever your reason for needing a dog walking company during the Winter, you’ll want to begin your search to hire someone now. May we suggest using to find a dog walker?

Photo: Flickr