Why I am Buying City DogWalker.com Domain Names

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that my company has been purchasing large city DogWalker.com, DogWalking.com, and DogWalkers.com domain names. When these names are purchased, they are all redirected to their respective pages within the main DogWalker.com website. This is a strategic move for a couple of reasons and I am happy to explain why.

The primary reason is that this will help drive additional traffic to the main website. Believe it or not, there are many people who type in the city dog walker .com domain name directly into their web browser rather than searching Google. While we are paying over $1.00 per click on Google via Adwords, we don’t have to pay for this traffic when people type the domain name in by themselves. If a domain name gets 7-10 visits a year in total, it’s paid for itself.

A secondary reason is that we may develop small portals on each of these domain names sometime in the future. By purchasing these domain names when they come available, it helps secure them for the future. This may help with the website’s local search optimization, which will drive more traffic and give additional value to our advertisers.

Finally, we are happy to entertain partnership offers on individual domain names. I would be more than happy to sell or lease any of the domain names we have purchased to help a local business if someone wants the domain name. We would likely be willing to offer this inexpensively if the company were to provide us a link back to DogWalker.com. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement I would be happy with, and I think it could be helpful to local businesses to own the descriptive domain name.

In case you are wondering, the list below is some of the domain names we currently own. If you would like to sell yours, we are also buying, although only for a good price.

  • AtlantaDogWalker.com
  • BrooklynDogWalking.com
  • CharlotteDogWalkers.com
  • ClevelandDogWalking.com
  • ColumbusDogWalking.com
  • HoustonDogWalking.com
  • IndianapolisDogWalking.com
  • IndianapolisDogWalkers
  • LasVegasDogWalker.com
  • LexingtonDogWalker.com
  • LittleRockDogWalker.com
  • MemphisDogWalker.com
  • MiamiDogWalker.com
  • MinneapolisDogWalking.com
  • NashvilleDogWalker.com
  • NewOrleansDogWalking.com
  • NewYorkDogWalking.com
  • OaklandDogWalker.com
  • OrlandoDogWalking.com
  • PhiladelphiaDogWalking.com
  • PhoenixDogWalking.com
  • PittsburghDogWalking.com
  • PortlandDogWalker.com
  • QueensDogWalker.com
  • RenoDogWalker.com
  • SaltLakeCityDogWalker.com
  • SanJoseDogWalker.com
  • TampaDogWalking
  • TempeDogWalker.com
  • WashingtonDogWalker.com
  • WestPalmBeachDogWalker.com