Why a Dog Walking Service May Want to Try Groupon or Living Social

Existing services businesses and newly formed entities often rely on repeat customers or word-of-mouth forms of advertising to acquire additional clients. Some service businesses spend portions of their advertising budget toward campaigns that lack sufficient methods for tracking measurable results. Businesses such as a dog walking service could benefit from advertising with Groupon or Living Social, and some of the reasons are outlined below.

Increased Business

Groupon and Living Social provide daily specials for restaurants, as well as a variety of retail and service-oriented businesses. Advertising messages are generally directed toward a specific city or zip code. A professional dog walking service could use the marketing influences from these industry powerhouses. Using proprietary information Groupon and Living Social could blast your advertising messages toward dog owners in your city or zip code.

Promotional Opportunities

Groupon and Living Social will include information, such as your company name, phone number, services provided, discounts and your daily promotions. You can include your company’s web address on each offer and potentially increase the search engine ranking for your website. Groupon and Living Social can provide data that reveals the number of users who clicked your promotional offer and their geographic location.


Your dog walking service may become more recognized as a result of advertising with Groupon or Living Social. Any logo’s or company slogans promoted during your campaigns may gain consumer recognition online as well as offline. Dog owners who remember certain features or prices that you promoted, might inquire about your services or refer other pet owners to your company.


Consumers typically welcome promotional items of value. Some customers may try your service due to a daily Groupon or Living Social special promotion. Dog owners who opt to use your services on a promotional basis could become regular customers.


If you operate on a solo basis, you could receive more appointments than you’re able to handle, as Groupon or Living Social may provide too many requests for a small operator. A professional dog walker who targets an entire zip code through online marketing efforts should receive greater responses versus flyer distribution within a one or two-mile radius; however, travel distances could also be a concern for large cities or zip codes.

Additionally, you may end up with one time customers who ultimately pay you far less for a dog walk than you would with other customers acquired in a traditional manner. For instance, if your $20 walk is offered for $10, you’ll probably make around $5 for every deal. It’s not bad if someone becomes a customer and pays you more over time, but there will likely be people who only stick around for the daily deal.