Why a Dog Walker Should Pay for a Listing on DogWalker.com

There are hundreds of dog walking services that have paid for a listing on DogWalker.com. These companies purchase a listing and renew it annually for one main reason: DogWalker.com helps them make money. Many dog walkers and dog walking services realize that one new cleint will almost certainly pay for the listing after just a few dog walks. Everything else is gravy.

I want to let you know why paying for a listing on DogWalker.com is a smart business decision.

Because of the website does what it promises and because people find the website beneficial, DogWalker.com has achieved strong Google rankings. At the present time, if you do a search for “dog walker,” “dog walkers,” “dog walking,” “dog walking services,” and many other related searches, this site ranks #1. The strong rankings help to drive traffic, and that traffic is actual people looking to hire a dog walker. This means it will bring business to dog walkers who advertise.

In addition to the great organic results that DogWalker.com currently has in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we also spend lots of money on search engine marketing. We want to make sure when people look for a dog walker using terms where we may not rank highly, they will see our advertisement. We do all we can to get people to know about the site, so when they need a dog walking service, it’s their first stop.

DogWalker.com is one of the few premium dog walking service directories. As a result, there are fewer listings in cities across the United States, making it easier for dog owners to find a dog walker and easier for dog walkers to get new clients. Free website listings are full of spam and/or defunct listings, and as a result, it’s much more difficult for dog owners to use. I guess you get what you pay for 🙂

We do quite a bit of website marketing on relevent dog websites and social networking sites. We pay for advertising on other, complementary websites to help drive traffic to the site. Additionally, DogWalker.com has a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook. The primary goal is to engage people and let them know about the website.

All of this brings thousands of visitors every month, which brings business to dog walkers who are advertising on DogWalker.com.