Welcome Home Blog Documents Love Between A Dog And His Soldier

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are currently away from their families as they serve overseas as part of the U.S. Armed Forces. Despite technological advancements like webcams and instant messaging, both the soldier and their family feels the strain of the separation. Many men and women miss out on the birthdays of their children, the milestones of their loved ones and the everyday moments that make life special. Coming home from an extended stay overseas is a time for celebration and joy, especially for a faithful canine companion that has been missing its owner.

The Welcome Home Blog is a website dedicated to capturing these joyful and tearful reunions and sharing them with everyone. The site is packed with stories of parents seeing their son or daughter for the first time in years, or soldiers meeting their newborn children that were born during their time abroad. Photos and videos show the touching emotions of the soldiers and their grateful family members alike.

The website also has plenty of animal reunions to share as well. You can view heartwarming coverage of the love of a dog by watching videos of happy pups finally reunited with the soldiers that had to leave them at home.

Military housing leaves no space for a dog, and soldiers overseas are too busy to take care of their pets. It is painful for a person to have to go without their closest friend for years at a time. Despite their absence, these dedicated dogs never forget their owners. When the soldiers arrive back from Iraq or Iran, they are greeted by the wagging tails of their four legged friends. The reunion between a person and their dog is just as touching as the reconnection with their human family.

No matter where you stand on the politics of the military, watching the love a dog can demonstrate for a person is sure to bring a tear to your eye. All dog lovers will find the photos and stories on the Welcome Home Blog to be uplifting and amazing. No other pets offer the undying loyalty and unconditional love that a dog gives to its owner. The ecstatic displays of excitement documented on this blog clearly demonstrates that. Bookmark this website and visit it regularly as a reminder to give your own pets plenty of love and attention.