Watch Out for Scam Emails!

In every business, there will always be people who try to pull scams. Whether it involves sending a check for more money than is due and asking the recipient to send the overage back via cashier’s check, or asking job applicants to provide social security numbers to use illicitly, there are always scammers preying on the innocent.

On the top of emails sent from website visitors to dog walking services with listings on, there is a disclaimer that reads: “Please be aware that anyone can send an email to you from your listing, and does not review or verify any messages. Protect yourself against fraud: never send anyone any money, and always do your own due diligence before visiting a potential client for you own safety.”

This morning I received an email from an advertiser advising me that she may have received an email from a scammer via the contact form on her listing. The email address matched one reported on a website called, with the person supposedly seeking babysitting services in that email. also has the same email address seeking a nanny in New York.

Here’s the email, and if you receive it, you should be aware that it was reported as a scam:

Message: Hello,

Can you work my Dog? If your available let me know and I\’ll send you more details.


If you receive scam emails, please let me know via the contact form, so that I can inform others about it. As I mentioned before, never send anyone money or provide your social security number. In addition, do your due diligence on potential clients before going to their home or other meeting place. It’s important that you stay safe.