Washington DC Dog Walking Services

In the hustle and bustle of nation’s capital, it is often difficult to provide your dog with the proper, daily care and exercise. Luckily, Washington D.C. is home to many well-respected dog walkers and dog walking services. Majority of these companies specialize in mid-day services, allowing you to provide your dog with at-home care while you are at work. Dog walkers get your dogs out of the house for much-needed, daily exercise and neighborhood playtime.

Dog walking companies and individual dog walkers operate during working hours, allowing you to pick the perfect time for a mid-day visit. Washington D.C. dog walkers will provide your canine best friend with a walk, playtime and feedings. Many Washington D.C. dog walkers will work with dog owners to find the closest dog park or trail for an outdoor adventure.

Find a Dog Walker in Washington DC

Some of the respect dog parks in the Washington D.C. area include Shaw Dog Park, Montrose Park and Marion Park. Marion Park, operated by the National Park Service, provides a fenced in, off-leash exercise area and complimentary sanitation bags. Montrose Park is a popular destination for both children and dogs, making it an excellent play place for social, child-friendly dogs. Shaw Dog Park was one of the city’s first established dog parks. This park provides fenced-in areas for both large and small dogs.

Working with a D.C.-based dog walker or dog walking company allows you to establish a routine care plan for your pet. Most companies hire walkers that service a small area or specific neighborhood, allowing your dog to bond with the walker. The standard of care remains steady day after day, providing owners with peace of mind.

Choose the best dog walking service for you by checking out customer reviews, finding out about pet sitting association membership and discovering if the company is bonded and insured. Some companies also require their employees to complete first-aid training for pets. This will help ensure your dog walker can deal with any minor emergencies that may occur during their visit.

Other services provided by D.C. dog walkers include pet taxi services, a safe ride to take your pets to and from veterinary appointments when you are not available. Many dog walking services also provide overnight pet sitting and mid-day check-ins for your cats.

A standard, 30 minute, mid-day visit typically ranges between 15 and 25 dollars in Washington D.C. Walkers typically charge a standard $15-$17 fee for a single dog, and additional fees for each additional dog. Some dog walkers will provide discounts for multiple families in the same apartment building. You building neighbors can also be a great source of advice for finding out about the dog walking services in your area.