Walking Your Dog For A Relaxed Moment

With over 12 years of dog training experience Tony Collazo and Cherie Marquez owners of†Dog Training-Miami†have had the ability to train all sorts of different breeds of dogs, Tony Collazo started training dogs and learned through South Eastern Guide Dogs. This is a guest post from Tony.

Coming from a dog training stand point we at Dog Training-Miamibelieve a walked dog is usually a well behaved dog.† Itís not only due to the exercise that we are giving our dogs but itís due to a wide variety of reasons.† Hopefully weíll be able to coach here in this article the real importance of walking our dogs.†† We know we all lead busy life styles, however, itís for the sake of our dogís lives and for that matter ours too, wouldnít you agree?

Our clients always have problems with their dogs, if they didnít we wouldnít be in the business of coaching humans and training dogs, right?† Well, what if I told you that by simply walking your dog you can have that well behaved dog everyone always wants?† Itís true!† Letís think about what happens when you have walked your dog.† Letís think about all the distractions that happen while on your walk.

Waking causes mental stimulation.† Mental stimulation creates the dog to be even more tired therfor creating a sense of relaxation in your dog.

Sounds too good to be true?† Do this for the next week; take your dog out on daily walks at the points in time that you know your dog might get overly excited, Iíll name a few:

  • Walking in the door after a long day at work
  • When family or friends visit
  • During dinner time (for humans)

BEFORE any of these scenarios happen take your dog out on a nice 15-20 min walk.† Hereís whatís going to happen.† Your dog will now have received the mental stimulation needed for him/her not to be at 100 miles per hour.† Your dog would have first relieved him or herself sufficient enough times and would have picked up on many different scents getting your dog stimulated as we humans would probably do after reading a book maybe.† Your dog on that walk would have come across distractions (cars, other dogs, other people, etc) that will make him or her now not as hyper as if the first people he would have seen other than the immediate family.

Mental stimulation and exercise is what we are looking for.† A little dog training will also come in handy during those walks so that you as the owner can always have control of your dog.† When walking your dog there are only a few commands that need to happen during this time.† These commands are:

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Leave it

Try these simple steps and youíll see how much more relaxed your dog will be during those hyper scenarios.† All it takes is a little consistency and repetition and you too can have that well behaved dog even during the most distracted moments in your home.