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Wag Along Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Hi, I’m Rachel Biello and Wag Along is my labor of love. It’s a culmination of over 20 years of loving and working with animals, specifically dogs and cats. In addition to working with my own pets, I’ve helped many people cultivate healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with their pets.

I believe in, and am an advocate for, engaged and responsible dog guardianship that leads to great dog citizenship. Living with a dog can be incredibly rewarding or incredibly frustrating. It really depends on how much time you have to devote to proper training and exercise. The key to cultivating a rewarding relationship between you and your dog is providing mental and physical stimulation and lots of positive opportunities for socializing. The first step to solving most behavioral issues lies in proper exercise and stimulation. It’s become cliche, but it’s true, a tired dog is a good dog.

Not every dog is the same and not every dog has the same interests and motivations. I see it as my job, and my joy, to work with my dogs as individuals and members of a pack. Pack structure is natural to dogs and creates the social environments they crave. I use my knowledge and experience to compose playgroups with balanced dynamics. For the safety and well-being of your dog I am very selective on which dogs I allow to join my playgroups.

I studied at the Dog Walkers Academy through Dog*Tec where I also received my certification in Pet CPR and First Aid. In addition to training as a dog walker, I have read and studied extensively on dog behavior and learning, and read anything I can get on the subject of dog training. I bring years of study, experience and lifelong learning to every outing.

I understand that time is an issue for everyone. Whether you’re running to work, running late from work, or need to take the kids to their activities, time is a luxury, and time is what dogs need to be healthy and happy. I’m buying you time, so that when you get home, your dog is ready to cuddle. We all need a good cuddle after a long day!