Tompkins Square Dog Run in New York City

New York City Dog ParkThe original dog park in New York City, Tompkins Square Dog Run continues to be one of the most popular. Since its creation in 1990, more than 55 other dog parks have been opened by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Located along the 9th Street path in the lovely Tompkins Square Park, the run is open throughout the year from 6 a.m. until midnight.

This dog park is more than a place to let your dogs run and play without having to be tethered; it’s the pride and joy of a community. Before the Dog Run, the park was home to drug addicts and criminals. Rather than being someplace people wanted to go, it was someplace people avoided. Volunteers fought to get the dog park, and they have fought to keep it beautiful and enjoyable. Their actions have been instrumental in returning the entire area to a clean, enjoyable place to be. Even people who don’t own dog and don’t want dogs recognize the positive effects this park has had on the entire area.

While all parks feature areas for dogs to run and play, this one also has safe, decomposed granite sand and underground drainage for the dogs to enjoy. There is a run for large dogs and another for small dogs, three swimming pools, and picnic tables for the owners can sit, relax, and socialize. Bath areas and hoses are also available for cleaning dogs off after they play.

The Tompkins Square dog run is maintained completely by community donations. It is asked that people who use the run please make an annual contribution for its continued upkeep and maintenance.

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Photo: Flickr