Tips for Walking a Yorkshire Terrier

Walking a YorkieYorkies love to go out for walks, but they won’t usually need to walk for too long, since they’re so much smaller than you. It’s best to forgo walks if the weather is very damp or cold, since they need to be kept warm and dry in that kind of weather. You might also consider purchasing a small rain jacket or lightweight sweater for cold or rainy walks.

Yorkshire Terriers do have minds of their own, but they learn quickly. Sometimes they’ll decide that the lesson is done, though, so don’t make your leash training lessons too long. Their attention spans aren’t great, although they do listen and learn.

Train your Yorkie to walk on a leash when there aren’t a lot of other people or animals around. This makes it easier for him to focus. Be consistent and clear in your commands. Treats are helpful too, if your dog is just learning to walk on a leash. Always praise your dog when he does something right. Yorkies respond better to positive feedback than negative.

Some Yorkie owners prefer to use harnesses on their dogs when they go for walks, since they are smaller and collars may not work as well, if they can slip out of them.

The exercise Yorkies get on walks is healthy exercise, and will keep him fit, with less a chance of becoming obese. Yorkshire Terriers love people and other dogs, too, and they enjoy meeting new people. He will also thrive on the attention you give him.

Your Yorkie will love free-running too, if you can go in a fenced area with him. There’s nothing like running free, unless it’s walking with his favorite mom or dad.

Photo: Flickr

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