Tips for Walking a Poodle

Walking a PoodleWhat to expect when walking Poodles depends on the size of Poodle you are walking. Toy and Miniature Poodles will be easier to walk than Standard Poodles, as far as strength, since the Standard Poodle can be a very large dog.

Poodles are highly intelligent dogs and they are normally easy to train. Poodles love people and they are usually happy dogs. But if they aren’t properly socialized, they may become nervous or timid on-leash. They also need to learn that you are the alpha dog in their pack, so that you always have positive control over your dog. Even smaller poodles may want to be the lead dog when you go for walks. They all need their exercise, since they are active dogs.

Socialize your dog after you leash-train him, which means taking him into various environments and getting him accustomed to meeting other dogs and people. If he is shy at first, that’s OK, just encourage him with your voice and manner, so that he becomes comfortable with different surroundings.

When you are training your Poodle to walk on a leash, you may want to use a slip collar. You don’t want it to become caught on anything, but it shouldn’t be too tight, either. These types of collars won’t harm your dog; they just give you control so that you are able to contain him.

When he is learning, you can let your Poodle walk just a bit in front of you, but once he is trained, he should always walk beside you. If he tries to pull ahead, you should get his attention, make sure he stops, and then change directions. Give him lots of praise when he does as he is told.

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Photo: Flickr