Tips for Walking a Pitbull

Walking a PitbullWalking a Pitbull is perhaps more interesting than walking some other breeds of dogs. You will generally want to use a shorter leash of six to eight feet long, which will work better on most Pitbulls than a longer leash, which you might prefer with another dog breed.

If your Pitbull pulls when you are trying to walk him, you should stand your ground and think like a tree. Don’t move. When he makes some slack in the leash or comes back toward you, praise him – “good boy!” When he will walk beside you, give him lots of praise, too, and some treats when you’re first training him. If your Pitbull is already leash-trained, you can usually use a simple flat collar and leash. Some Pitbulls are more accustomed to choker chains.

Socialization is important for Pitbulls, as much for them as for people who have an inherent fear of them. If your Pitbull is friendly, allow him to make friends (within reason) while you are out on your walk. Dogs love to make friends. Be aware of people or other dogs that might upset him, though, like a dog that is acting up on leash with someone else. Make all your experiences positive ones, as much as you can.

Teach your Pitbull about things around him, a lot like you might do with a child. Teach him about things, places, and people. Let him listen to strange noises, and look at new things. He has a lot of energy, so exercise is good for him. Make sure he knows who is in charge, and you should hire a dog walker with Pit experience.

Be wary of taking your Pitbull to a dog park, unless you know in advance that you’re going at a time when it is relatively quiet. Many people don’t know how to react even to a well-socialized Pitbull. If your dog hasn’t yet been properly socialized, don’t go to the dog parks until he is. Let him interact with people and dogs he knows, to become socialized.

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