Tips for Walking a Labrador Retriever

Walking a Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retrievers are some of the most popular dogs to own. There are Yellow Labs, Black Labs, Brown (Chocolate Labs) and probably some other varieties (White Labs?). Walking a Labrador Retriever is usually not a difficult task at all, unless your dog is excited or overly curious. They occasionally get a bit rambunctious and energetic, and they do like to investigate things. They are friendly and love attention, and love to visit with other people and other dogs.

Labradors, like many dogs, will benefit from a puppy training class, or obedience training, if they are a bit older. But you can teach them to walk on the leash by yourself, too. A Gentle Leader (for example) collar can help while your dog is learning, but a regular collar and leash are fine, if the dog is trained already.

Don’t yank on your Lab while he is walking. If he pulls, stand firm until he puts slack in the leash, and then tell him he was good, and return to walking. You can even give him a treat to emphasize your pleasure with this and reinforce his good behavior.

You will usually keep the leash a bit short while you’re walking your Labrador, if he’s not fully trained. Don’t give him the momentum he needs to pull. If he is trained and walking well, you can let the leash out, and allow him to have a bit more room.

When you take your dog outside for a walk, you should go out the door first. Don’t let him pull you out. If he does, tell him to stop and sit and stay, and reward him when he does. Generally, training for a week or so is enough for most Labradors to catch on to what you want them to do. You can let people pet him, as long as he enjoys the interaction.

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