Tips for Walking a Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverYour Golden Retriever will be happier if he’s well-exercised. Goldens have lots of energy, so they can be an adventure to walk. But they also want to please people, so teaching them to walk on a leash isn’t that hard. They are very intelligent dogs, and they love to have fun. Exercise will help to maintain a Golden Retriever’s fitness, health and happiness.

Regular exercise is important for Golden Retrievers, since they are very active dogs. They should be walked every day, or given some outdoor play time if you can’t fit in a walk. The earlier you start training Goldens, the easier they will be to train to walk on a leash. If you start them when they are very young puppies, make your training sessions short and reward them a lot.

A Golden works fine with a regular collar or a choker collar, if he tends to pull. Don’t allow him to run with you or pull constantly. He may become unfocused if you work with him for too long a time, but if he is already leash-trained, he will very much enjoy walking with you.

Not all Golden Retrievers are easy to train, but most of them will want to please you, and once they know what you want, they will happily walk with you. Goldens are very social with people and with other dogs, so they might become distracted when you’re out for a walk, but just bring their attention back to you, and they’ll be fine. Walking is a great way to bond with a Golden, too.

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Photo: Flickr