Tips for Walking a German Shepherd

Walking a German ShepherdIf you have ever walked a German Shepherd, you’ll know that they are strong, powerful dogs. They are also very good company, if they have been well-trained. They may be walked using a flat nylon or leather collar, or choke collars, but only if you know how to correctly use them.

Your German Shepherd should walk beside you and not pull. Using a loose leash will make it easier to walk him, as long as he doesn’t pull. Positive reward is the best way to train any dog. German Shepherds are active, energetic dogs, and they need their exercise. They can probably walk farther than you without a break. Take some water along, to keep you both hydrated.

As long as your dog isn’t pulling, maintain your contact only loosely. If you have started him off with treats when he walks by your side, he will know that this is where he should be. Be sure that you work with your German Shepherd on slowing down and speeding up, changing directions and stopping frequently.

If you started training with treats, after a few weeks you can wean him off of them. If he loses attention and starts to pull, change directions quickly, so that his focus is on you at all times. It should only take a week or two for him to have it down pat.

German Shepherds, like most dogs, are social animals. Make sure you work with him under controlled circumstances at first, with people and dogs that you know. In this way, he will learn what is and is not acceptable, including not jumping on people or lunging on-leash. After he is accustomed to meeting people and other dogs, you can safely take him for long and pleasant walks.

Photo: Flickr

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