Tips for Walking a Dachshund

Walking a DachshundYour Dachshund is a descendant from hunting dogs in Germany, and it’s instinctive for him to chase animals or other things that he finds interesting while out and about in nature or on walks. Dachshunds are very bright, but the hunting instinct cannot be bred out. He may want to dart on-leash, and bark at other animals, or people. This can be annoying if you’re trying to have a relaxing walk, but your Dachshund does need his exercise, and walking on-leash is a good way to get it.

You should use a harness when you train your Dachshund to walk on a leash, rather than a collar. Due to his body shape and height, it’s easy for him to slip out of a collar. In addition, you can damage his neck by pulling on a collar with a leash. If your dog wears a collar, you can leave it on, but be sure to attach the leash to a harness.

Keep the excess leash in your right hand and hold the leash in your left. Once your dog is more used to walking on a leash, you can give him more slack. Let him sniff the ground if he likes, but don’t let him pull on the leash. The walk starts when you walk, not when he wants to walk.

Use commands that he understands, like “heel” and “go”, and be sure not to walk too far in front of him, if he is not keeping up. Keep a bit of tension on his leash, and when he walks in the direction you are walking, give him lots of praise.

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Photo: Flickr