Tips for Walking a Boxer

Walking a BoxerWhen you’re walking your Boxer, make sure that you are walking him, and not the other way around. Boxers have boundless energy, but he can’t think that he is the alpha dog in your relationship with him. The leader goes first, and that’s you. A lead dog is not relaxed, he’s mentally leading the pack. That’s your job, not your Boxer’s. If your dog is high-strung and hyper, it may mean that he’s not getting enough good exercise.

Boxers can be walked with a flat collar and leash, as long as they are trained. As you head out the door, make sure you go first, and your dog follows. He should heel, and let you lead the way at all times. Make sure that he heels all the time, not just for half the walk. If you let him walk ahead of you, then he is the decision-maker, not you. Instinct will tell your dog that you are his leader if he is heeling properly, and then he can relax, rather than becoming hyper.

You can introduce your dog to other people and dogs, but do it first in a controlled situation, where you known the dogs and the owners. You can also take him on a pack walk, with other dogs and handlers that you know. In this way, the leaders can correct any unwanted reactions between dogs. All the dogs need to heel, since any dog that is leading will be placing himself in the position of alpha dog.

Boxers will need good walks every day, if you have the time, and you can have a friend who knows your dog – and who knows how to lead – do it if you’re busy one or more days.

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Photo: Flickr