Tips for Walking a Beagle

Walking a BeagleBeagles are strong dogs with hunting instincts that are bred in to them at birth. They should be led with a leash, since they tend to want to follow their sense of smell. It’s hard to override years and years of training and instinct. In fact, they are used for hunting often with no training. Since the hunting prowess is ingrained, leash training is important.

Beagles have a lot of energy, and they need regular exercise. You can use a flat collar, and you don’t want a long leash. The ideal length of leash is four to six feet. Train your Beagle to walk on a leash in an area without a lot of distractions, so that you can keep his attention on you. A quiet park or your back yard will usually work well. This also goes for Beagle mixes, such as Puggles, which also have a lot of energy and can be very inquisitive.

You will want to exercise a good deal of patience until your Beagle is fully leash-trained, since he will want to hunt first and check in with you later. Make sure he knows that you’re the leader of the pack. Don’t yell at your Beagle, even if he misbehaves. Correct him promptly and firmly, without violence or shouting. If you want to wear him down, play with him for awhile before you start your training sessions. This will take the edge off his energy level. Keep a positive attitude, and use lots of praise when your dog does something right.

If you meet people or dogs when you’re out for a walk with your Beagle, don’t let him jump up on anyone. Make sure you keep your dog’s attention on you, and make the walks a good experience for both of you.

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Photo: Flickr