Thanksgiving Tips for You and Your Dog

Thanksgiving is almost here! The start of the winter holiday season brings with it the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, expressing thankfulness for their presence in your life. This thankfulness can extend to the pets in your life as well. Below you will find some simple, effective ways to express thankfulness toward your pets.

Don’t Feed Fido Human Fare

Although you may be tempted to share with your pet some of the delicious meals you are enjoying with friends, you should resist doing so. Dogs have very sensitive stomachs, and even a relatively small amount of human food can give him diarrhea, constipation or another unpleasant illness. Pancreatitis is a common condition that dogs get from being fed from the dining room table. The high fat content of human foods causes their pancreas to swell, causing much discomfort. Signs of pancreatitis include lack of appetite, diarrhea and depression.

No Bones Whatsoever

Never, ever feed your pet bones from your table. These bones, especially if they are chicken or turkey bones, can splinter and break while your dog is swallowing them, necessitating an emergency visit to the vet. Additionally, salmonella is occasionally found in the center of the bones of poultry, even when the meat is well-cooked. Keeping these bones away from your pet is an easy way of lessening his chances of becoming sick.

Safety Zone

The presence of new people in your home may cause your pet to experience insecurity. He probably will not appreciate the chaos and noise as much as you do. Try to make a safe haven for your pet somewhere in the house, away from all the traffic and noise. Allow your pet to spend time in the safety zone now so that he can become accustomed to it. If you wait until the day the festivities begin to confine your pet, he may become angry with you.

Thanksgiving And Black Friday Walks

Chances are, you probably will not have time to walk your canine. This is why you should hire a dog walker. Dog walkers ensure that your pet is not lonely and gets the exercise he needs while you are enjoying the holidays. As many dog walkers celebrate Thanksgiving themselves, it is important to book your dog walking appointment well in advance. And maybe you could even tip the dog walker, for taking care of your dog on a holiday.