Harris County Dog Walkers

Dogs need food, water and shelter to survive, but they need exercise and attention to thrive. Regular exercise is just as important for your dog’s well being as healthy food, yearly immunizations and fresh water.

An old adage affirms that “a tired dog is a happy dog.” A tired dog can also make for a happy owner. Active dogs get their energy out before they can destroy a home with chewing or digging and are less likely to misbehave than dogs who do not exercise.

Busy owners may think that playing a quick game of fetch at home is enough to tire out their pooch, but most dogs require regular walks of at least thirty minutes every day. Some breeds require even longer walks multiple times a day. Tossing a toy at home just won’t cut it.

Walking a dog in Harris County can be especially difficult during the summer, when temperatures can climb to nearly 100 degrees in the afternoons of June, July and August. Pet owners who want to walk their dog during their lunch break risk overheating their pups. Luckily, a dog walker can take the pooch for a stroll in the early morning, when the owner is at work, to avoid the dangerous temperatures.

Dog walkers can ensure that your furry friend gets the attention and exercise he needs everyday, even when you are too busy to go for a stroll. An experienced walker can train your dog to be a good canine citizen on a leash throughout the streets of Houston, socialize him or her in the parks of Pearland and make sure he or she is well-adjusted and happy in Taylor Lake.

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