DogWalker.com is a leading directory of Dog Walkers and Dog Walking Companies in the United States. DogWalker.com helps dog owners find local dog walkers, bringing new business to companies who are listed in the directory.

Below are testimonials from happy Dog Walkers with listings on DogWalker.com:

“I listed my dog walking business on DogWalker.com about two years ago and saw immediate results. I started getting multiple calls from new clients, and when I asked where they were getting my info, most were saying from dog walker.com. This website is a great resource! It’s easy to use, allows you to customize your listing, and offers other helpful links.

Also, Elliot (owner of dog walker.com) has been very helpful in getting back to me right away with any questions I’ve had. I recently needed to update my location since I moved from Seattle to San Francisco, and Elliot set up new “tags” to reflect my current location AND offered to make me “dog walker of the week!” I would highly recommend DogWalker.com to any dog walking business!”

– Kelly McCandless, Kelly’s K-9 Adventures, San Francisco CA


“I listed my services on DogWalker.com a year and a half ago. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with how many people contacted me. I had my information listed on one or two other sites, but did not receive a fraction of the phone calls I got from this website. It is easy to edit your listing, and it is definitely worth the annual fee. I made the money back in a week!”

– Kristyn Braley, Riley’s Romp, New York City


“I have had my business listed on Dogwalker.com and received many inquires resulting into five a day week clients-the backbone of our business. I would not hesitate to recommend this site if you are looking to grow your business. The service is great and Elliot extends himself far beyond just taking your money. I feel like he’s a friend!”

– Lori Mendelsohn Thomas, Wisconsin Pet Care LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


“Hello all you Dog Walkers out there! If you are not already a member, jump onto the DogWalker.com site now. It is awesome! Just 12 days after I first joined, my phone rang and a prospective client was born. We met 2 days later and agreed to a walk schedule.

I highly recommend placing your own ad on DogWalker.com as an effective investment that pays for itself. It’s easy to do, fun and if you need any help, just email Elliot and his crew at Customer Service. They are patient, professional and very easy to work with. Gotta go. My phone is ringing again!”

– Bob Bott, Dog Walker Extraordinaire, Milford, Connecticut


“I have been registered on DogWalker.com less than six months and have already had several inquires into my services, and have secured a number of new clients from initial contact through the website. Elliot has always provided prompt and helpful customer service regarding my listing. I would recommend DogWalker.com to anyone starting up a dog walking business or those interested in expanding their client base.”

– Anita Broderick, Madison, New Jersey


“I’ve been listed with DogWalker.com for over a year – just renewed and I’m very happy!”

– Therese Villemure, Suburban Pets, Massapequa Park, New York


“I have gotten great results from your website here in Sacramento!”

– Josh Berns, Ruff Walking, Sacramento, California


“Thank you all so much. Your site comes up before any other dog walking sites in my area and features my service.”

– Renee Terry, Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, Tucson, Arizona


“I am going on my second year with dogwalker.com. My business is also on other sites but I have gotten the best clients from dogwalker.com. The new client base I have generated have been wonderful people with wonderful pets. I am very happy with dogwalker.com and it is well worth the money!”

– Kate Kelly,Kate’s Pet Care,Milford, Connecticut


“Whenever we are unable to provide service to a potential client because we’re full, they’re out of our area, or whatever, we always suggest they consult DogWalker.com as a resource. We have that much confidence in your value to the public.”

– Bill Schoonover,Dog Walker Bill, Gainesville, Virginia


“I want to thank you for reaching out and contacting me. I recieve 3 phone calls yesterday because of your site. I will recommend your site to other dog walkers I know from all over the United States to get their name out there.

Thanks again!”

– Patti Reichel, Comfort Paws, Glen Ellyn, Illinois


“I am a huge fan and one of the first services to be posted on DogWalker.com I couldn’t ask to be a part of a better site. My very first client was a Bichon Frise named Louie that I still walk and train today. He is such a character and is absolutely one of my favorite clients.

Elliot took the time and patience that I needed till my ad was just right. I look forward to a long relationship with DogWalker.com as our two services grow together!”

– Shane Michael, Phoenix Dog Walking & Training, Newark, Delaware


“I registered with DogWalker.com several months ago and that website has exceeded all of my high expectations. They have gone above and beyond helping me set up my profile and membership, and their customer service is top notch! Not only are their resources helpful, but they have valuable links to help me grow my business.”

– Catherine Miller, Pet Nanny NYC, New York City, New York