Take Your Dog on Vacation & Hire a Dog Walker

Vacations are an exciting time for the entire family. From the initial planning to making lists and packing the car, the family is looking forward to a change of scenery, a new environment to explore, and a relaxing holiday from the chores of domestic life. One member of the family is likely less than thrilled at the prospects, however.

The family dog is often left out of the fun. It is shuffled off to the local boarding house or left alone at the home with someone to come by once a day for feeding. You might have considered taking the family pet along for the enjoyment, but there are several hurdles.

  • Is there room for the dog to travel safely in its carrier?
  • Will the dog be able to accompany you during activities?
  • Are there facilities at the destination for your dog’s required exercise and potty time?

There is no getting around the first question. Safe travel is a must. Other logistic problems may be solved with the help of DogWalker.com. Whether it’s a last minute thought or a routine need, you’ll find people who care about your dog to help with this important chore for reasonable compensation. A dog walk is the perfect time to eat out at a nice restaurant or visit some other location where dogs are not allowed.

Making a Great Match
You wouldn’t have just anyone watch your children, and the same goes for your furry friend. Some walkers specialize in small pets, and others prefer giving personal attention to larger breeds. When looking for a walker, be sure to specify breed, size and demeanor as well as your location and the dates for which you’ll need services. Other helpful information will speed up the process, such as advance booking and references from your dog’s current walker.

You can easily find a dog walker anywhere in the United States with the help of DogWalker.com.