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One on one TLC for your pet. Private/semi private dog walks. Servicing all of Manhattan. Bonded and insured.

Administers insulin, fluid therapy and medication.

Dog Walking Areas:

Upper West Side Dog Walkers

From W 60th and W 76th


Lori The Dog Walker and Dog Sitter

Lori The Dog Walker was established in 2007 to provide professional, caring dog walker and dog sitter service in Huntington Beach. Lori and her dog walkers are licensed, bonded and insured. All dog walkers have had a detailed background check to verify there is no criminal history at the city, state and federal level. All dog walkers are mature, above the age of 30, experienced and professional.

We have dog walkers located throughout Huntington Beach, we serve zip codes 92647, 92648, 92649, 92646,
You can have the same dog walker each time you call for service if you prefer, if your dog walker is not available we will let you know and provide you with an experienced, professional replacement dog walker.

Services offered by Lori and her dog walkers:

Daily dog walks social or individual available 7 days a week.
Puppy Care Visits
Small dog boarding
Overnight dog sitting in your home
Morning and evening dog sitting visits

Sort description of services:

Daily dog walks are available for the dog who needs some exercise while their dog parent is unable to walk their dog, we offer both group and private dog walks. Daily dog walker service is available 7 days a week between the hours of 7:00am and 3:00pm.

Puppy care visits are available for the puppy who needs some love and attention while their owner is at work. We will come to your home and let your puppy out if they are in a crate, feed them, give them fresh water, clean the dog dishes and spend time with them. We will play with them, hug them and make sure they know they are loved while you are away. We are not trainers but we can work on puppy basics, sit, stay and come for a portion of the time. Puppies can become stressed if left alone for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time. Puppies who have not completed their parvo vaccine series should not go for walks out doors because they can catch the deadly disease.

Small dog boarding for dogs under 25 lbs is available for well behaved dogs who need to be loved, hugged and spoiled while their dog parent needs to travel. Your dog will have a great time playing with my dog while getting personal attention from me. If you are interested in this service please see my website for more details and list of requirements, your dog must come for a temperament test prior to their first dog boarding stay.
(3 night minimum for first time clients)

Overnight dog sitting in your home, our professional dog sitter will spend the night with your dog in their home. They will provide both dog sitting and house sitting. Your dog will enjoy the comforts of their own home and keep up with their normal routine.
With standard over night dog sitter service our dog sitter will spend a minimum of 12 hours with your dog, she may be there a little bit longer but the time will not be less than 12 hours. We offer 3 levels of overnight dog sitting, please see our website for detailed descriptions and rates.

Dog sitting visits twice per day: our dog sitter will come to your dogs home once in the morning and once in the evening while you are away to provide a minimum 30 minute dog sitting visit, we also offer 45 minute and one hour dog sitting visits. Dogs must be seen a minimum of 2 times per day while you are away for their safety and comfort. Please see our website for a detailed description and list of rates.

Popular Dog Walker Searches

In the last 30 days, has seen OVER 5,000 visitors! People visit the website to find a dog walking service in their area, and allows them to search for dog walkers in their city – and sometimes right in their zip code and neighborhood.

In addition to dog owners who are searching for dog walkers, there are also dog walkers who visit the website to see what it’s all about. is not a lead generation service. Once a dog walker signs up, there are no additional costs or expenses. One question I am frequently asked is what cities in which people are looking for dog walkers.

Below are 15 most frequently searched cities in the last 30 days on

  1. New York City Dog Walker
  2. San Francisco Dog Walker
  3. Chicago Dog Walker
  4. Boston Dog Walker
  5. San Antonio Dog Walker
  6. Seattle Dog Walker
  7. Cleveland Dog Walker
  8. Los Angeles Dog Walker
  9. Las Vegas Dog Walker
  10. Portland (Oregon) Dog Walker
  11. Houston Dog Walker
  12. San Diego Dog Walker
  13. Minneapolis Dog Walker
  14. Orlando Dog Walker
  15. Dallas Dog Walker

Puppy Dreams

Puppy Dreams provides quality and loving in home pet services. We provide dog walking/exercising, dog training, dog park outings, hiking, dog sitting, cat sitting, bird sitting, poop scooping (yard clean up), aquarium maintenance and more.

At Puppy Dreams out goal is happy pets and happy owners. Every animal is unique, so we tailor our service to you and your pets specific needs.

We love animals and it shows. is #1

Picture 1

If you want to have a successful dog walking service and allow clients to find you online, your website will need to finish high in the results of the major search engines. Otherwise, your company won’t be seen. currently ranks #1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the search term of “dog walker!” In addition, it ranks right at the top on Google and Yahoo for the plural search term “dog walkers!” Not too shabby for a website that has been online for under a year.

Listings that come out at the top of the search engine rankings are the most likely to be clicked on by potential customers, and they are the best way to make sure that your dog-walking business gets noticed. This area used to be a relatively small niche, but now the arena is exploding online.

You can use sponsored listings so that your company will appear at the top of search engine results, but these are usually listed off to the side, not in the “general” results. They will be clicked on, but sometimes people who use search engines a lot have a tendency to click on the “natural” results. There are companies available online who can assist you in handling all your needs as far as set-up, management and reporting of results with pay-per-click advertising.

Regardless of the type of business that people are looking for online, you want them to be led to your site, if you offer what they need. But most websites are simply online brochures, if you don’t have high search engine rankings. To push your business to the top of the search results will enable you to transform your site into a hub for business. It will also tactically position your site to generate more sales for your company, as compared to other types of advertising.

If you don’t want to use sponsored listings, you’ll need to use the services of a company who can position your website skillfully in the top order of the “natural” listings. They will use keywords and key phrases that describe your business and services, so that more people will click through to your site.

Since ranks so well in search engines, we get a lot of traffic. In fact, we’ve received well over 6,000 visitors in the last month alone! A listing on can help bring your company business, and just one new client a year with a few walks will probably pay for the listing.

Sign up today!

Dog Walker Blog Directory Launched

Are you a dog walker and also a blogger? Do you give tips and advice to other dog walkers, dog-related business owners, or dog owners, and you want others to be able to learn from you? If you do, you might want to consider asking to be added to the brand new Dog Walker Blog Directory found on!

The Dog Walker Blog directory contains a list of dog walking blogs found all over the Internet. Blogs are organized in ABC order by state. Although most blogs that are listed on the site have been found by the publisher of, submissions are invited.

If you are interested in having your dog walker blog listed on the Dog Walker Blog Directory at no cost, send us an email and we’ll be in touch with you. We look forward to connecting with people who are giving back to the dog walker community and to dog owners.

As always, if you are interested in advertising your dog walking company on, please sign up and create your listing.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Dog Walker

Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Become a Dog Walker

5) Work as much or as little as you want, during the hours you want to work. You can find clients who need to have their dogs walked at all hours of the day. Choose the times that work best for you.

4) Your dog walking business can grow into a dog taxi, dog grooming, dog sitting, or other dog-related business if you so choose. If you love walking dogs and have the desire to grow your business, your customer base is established, and you can provide more services.

3) Walking dogs all day is a fantastic way to get exercise. Instead of coming home from work and hitting the gym, you’ve probably burned off more calories after a day walking dogs than you would have by going to the gym in the evening.

2) Instead of working inside under the florescent lights of an office, you are outside all day in the fresh air. Sure, it may rain or snow once in a while, and winters may be cold, but it sure beats working inside year-round.

1) You get to be around dogs all day!

Turning a Hobby into a Business: Becoming a Dog Walker

Many dog lovers do not realize that they can take their love of canines and start dog walking business. Dog walkers can earn income while doing something they enjoy. It’s very important that the dog walker know a great deal about the animals they exercise. Taking the job seriously will help you grow your business.

With all that being said, how do you begin turning your love of dogs into a dog walking career? Here are some suggestions on turning your hobby and/or passion into a business:

Commit to Available Times Each Week

Come up with a schedule that works with your existing commitments. For example, if you have a job or attend classes, your dog walking career will have to work around these things. Make sure you do not spread yourself too thin and only commit to hours that you can comfortably work with.  Dog owners will also appreciate your reliable schedule as you get into a routine.

Find Dog Walking Clients and Jobs

If you’re going to make a living walking dogs, you are going to need to have enough clients to support your business. You can meet other dog owners in dog parks, pet stores, and other pet friendly places. Let your friends know about your new business, and word of mouth advertising will be helpful. You also may want to set up a website and advertise on a website like

Learn About Canine Behavior

Dog walking doesn’t require a degree, however a good dog walker will take an active role in learning about canine behavior. This information is invaluable as you handle multiple dogs that come from different backgrounds. Also keep in mind you may encounter other animals and canines as you walk. Knowing how to read dog body language could help you avoid a dangerous situation. Learn from experience and a few good resources so you know how to handle many different canine personalities and expand your dog walking career.

Set a Reasonable Dog Limit

Obviously, walking more dogs at once will earn you more income. However, a newcomer to the dog walking profession should not expect to handle a large number of canines while learning. Doing so could have dire results which could be at best, an uncomfortable time walking, and at worse, an escaped or injured canine. Consider how many dogs you have walked in the past. Keep in mind size, weight, strength and energy levels should be factored in as well. One large, energetic puppy may be nearly unmanageable for you while three small adult dogs may be fine.

Take Business Classes

Running a business on your own isn’t easy. You’ll need to keep good accounting records, probably start a company (maybe LLC for example), invest in equipment, and do other things that business owners need to do. Many community colleges offer courses for people to learn how to start a company, and there are also online courses and schools available. In addition, an organization such as dogTEC can be helpful.

Make It Easy on Clients: Accept Paypal

Dog walking has almost always been known to be a cash business. Most clients pay their dog walkers either with cash or checks after a walk or at the end of the week, making it easy and quick for dog walkers to be paid. There’s no need for a merchant processing account for credit cards, and the money can be had instantly to pay for other expenses or to deposit into a bank account.

Accepting Paypal might be a smart idea for dog walkers, and it could make it easier for dog owners to pay without having to have cash on hand or having to write a check. This transaction could be done instantly and the dog walker will have control of the funds soon after payment. It’s faster than waiting for a check to clear, and there’s much less of a chance that payment will be lost or stolen.

One of the additional benefits of being paid with Paypal is that it’s better for bookkeeping purposes. It’s much easier to track Paypal payments than it is to track cash or check payments. Instead of wondering if a client has already paid for services, Paypal payments can easily be tracked. There’s also an option that allows the payor to pay the fee, so that doesn’t have to be eaten by the dog walker… a nice advantage.

Paypal is simple to use, and it can be a tool that benefits a dog walker’s business.

“Woof. What a Walk!”–Bob Bott (Dog Walker Extraordinaire)

My Dog Walking service is tailored to you and your best pal’s needs. I provide all the attention, affection and exercise your dog needs to be happy, healthy and looking forward to Bob’s next fun visit.

References readily available.

Naming Your Dog Walking Business

Dog Business NamesComing up with a creative and descriptive name for a dog walking service or professional dog walker may seem like a difficult task, but it can be very fun, especially if you include friends and family in the decision making process. Here are some tips that you can use to create a name for your business so potential customers will know what you offer and be able to remember your company name!

Choosing a fun name that matches your personality is a great idea. You can also use made up words that sound cool, or you can use fun words along with “dog walker,” “dog walking,” “dog walk,” “pet care,” or other popular term that describes services you plan to offer. The most important thing is that it should be memorable and ensure that people know to associate the business name with you. This may be why many people choose to use their first and/or last name in the business name.

From an Internet and search engine optimization, a business name that is descriptive, such as Chicago Dog Walker, might be beneficial, primarily if you have the matching domain name ( Sadly, most of these types of domain names were purchased many years ago, and many are operational companies and/or websites. Some smaller cities and geographical area domain names are available, and that might be beneficial from an Internet and local marketing viewpoint. They may be less fun, but they may be better for your business.

The problem with the descriptive approach is that it lacks special branding. I believe it’s much easier to remember a dog walker either by name or a unique company name. Having a descriptive company name may be detrimental in this case, although it is likely customers will refer to you by your first and last name, so you should consider using that instead.

You’ll want to make sure your company name isn’t confusing to spell, and your email address is memorable. There’s nothing worse than getting the name of a great dog walker and having the email bounce back as undeliverable or not being able to find that person’s contact information because the company name is different than the dog walker’s name.

You want to create a business name that stands apart from others and isn’t already being used by another company in your state. You need to visit your state’s business website and do a business name or business entity search to make sure your favorite name isn’t being used by another company. Using another company’s name (or something very similar) can lead to litigation and legal problems – something that can be very expensive!

Your business name is going to stick with you for as long as you are involved in this business. Take your time choosing a name and make sure you’re happy with it. That’s probably the most important thing!

Photo: Flickr

SF Walk With Me

SF Walk With Me provides professional dog walking services. Our dog groups are set by compatibility and size. We provide on and off leash walk and mainly use trails with an occasional beach trip. All varieties of dogs are welcome.

Dog sitting at your home for regular clients.

Member of the San Francisco Professional Dog Walkers Association (PRO DOG).

Licensed and Insured.

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