Hiring a Dog Walker vs. Dog Day Care

Many people consider their dogs to be a precious part of their family. Deciding whether to hire a dog walker, or to take your pet to a dog daycare can be a big decision to make. Therefore, it is best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making one.

A dog day care center has the benefit of giving your dog attention while you cannot. You dog will also be able to socialize amongst other dogs of different sizes. Additionally, your dog will be fed on a normal schedule if necessary, and if you run late, most dog daycares are able to provide for your dog, giving you added flexibility.

These daycare advantages comes with a number of disadvantages. At a dog day care center, your dog will be just one of the many dogs that need to be cared for. It is likely that it will not get the full attention that it craves. Not only that, but your dog has a greater chance of being exposed to illnesses by other dogs, although most dog daycares screen for illness and other infectious diseases.

A dog walker can be a good solution if you are willing to let your dog stay home while you are away. The dog walker will take your dog to the bathroom, as well as get it some exercise. Although the dog will be with a dog walker instead of a family member, it will not be placed in an unfamiliar environment. The familiarity with its surroundings should keep it from being stressed. Not only that, but it will also help your dog to become friendly around other people. This will make it easier for the dog each time you are not able to be there.

In terms of cost, hiring a dog walker is usually much cheaper than paying for dog daycare. Dog daycare centers have to charge more because they house your dog on a full-time basis and provide more attention than a dog walker can. Most dog walkers are flexible and can give your dog extra attention or exercise if requested. Hiring a regular dog walker can be a good solution if you’re out during the day.

Fur-Get Me Not

We’re a family owned business established in 2000. Our mission is to provide quality pet care service by caring for our client’s pets as if they were our own. We’re an all employee-based company and take pride in hiring and training pet loving, responsible care givers. We offer a variety of pet care services including dog daycare and boarding, dog walking, pet sitting, DIY dog wash, and dog training.
Top reasons to give our dog walking or pet sitting service a try:

* All of our dog walkers and pet sitters are employees. Each employee goes through a multi-step screening process and criminal background check. We’ve refined our hiring process over the 10 years we’ve been in business to ensure only pet loving, responsible people join our team.

* Employee training does not stop once they’ve been hired. Hiring employees versus using contractors to care for your pets, not only allows us to initially train everyone how to care for a pet properly but also allows us to continue our team’s training throughout their employment. Our management team works hard to resolve issues and ensure each employee has the support and knowledge needed to deliver higher quality care.

* Our proprietary systems and procedures ensure consistent care. When you hire Fur-Get Me Not, you are hiring a dedicated pet care team. Our management, office, and dog walking / pet sitting teams work together to ensure that if your primary walker or care taker is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or any other reason, a qualified employee will be able to step in for that reservation. Our teams have proprietary tools to securely record and share your pet care instructions and additional notes detailing your pet care team’s experiences.

* We provide one on one pet care. We ensure your pet(s) receive individual attention while in our care.

* We know pets. Our owner is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) and attention to pet behavior is incorporated into everything we do. Our Dog Training team works with our Dog Walking / Pet Sitting team to provide helpful advice when needed.

* We focus on building long-term customer and pet relationships. Our dog walkers and pet sitters will communicate with you through daily journals on your pet’s activities during their visit. Our management and office team will work with you to ensure your pet is receiving their care the way you want and are pet care resources for you. We strive to exceed your expectations and if we don’t, we will do our best to work with you to make it right.

* We are family owned and operated and support the local community. Fur-Get Me Not started as a one-woman business and has grown by focusing on the individual needs of both the pets in our care and their owners. Fur-Get Me Not works with a variety of pet related non-profit organizations and we participate in several charity events each year. We strive to help educate pet owners and give back to the local pet community.

You can learn more about our dog daycare, dog boarding, dog wash, and dog training services on our web site.

City Pups SF

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We’re a San Francisco dog walking service catering to dog parents in the Mission, Noe Valley, Potrero, Glen Park, Excelsior, Bernal Heights, and Twin Peaks areas.

Send your dog out on group walks with a certified dog walker. Your dog will romp, race, play, wrestle, frolic, jump, fetch, and let loose on the beach or on nature trails. Back home, he’ll snooze contentedly, dreaming of Frisbees.

Why City Pups SF?

• Personal attention to each dog

• 100% reliable service

• Canine First Aid certified

• Skilled at pack composition and management

• Only positive reinforcement methods

• Fully insured

(Limited spaces available. Please contact us
for current openings.)
Our Service Includes

Pick-up and drop-off from your home
At least 90 minutes of playtime at the beach and on nature trails
Small groups for safety and individualized attention
Groups composed based on energy levels and personalities so all dogs enjoy their walk
Good manners reinforced through positive training methods
Lots of recall practice