Starting a Dog Walking Company

Dog walking is one of the few professions just about anyone can do. In fact, many professional dog walkers work for themselves, in the comfort of their own neighborhood.  If you are healthy enough to spend most of your day on your feet walking and you enjoy being around dogs, dog walking may be a profession you should consider.

There are a number of organizations and companies that provide training to people interested in starting a dog walking business. These groups have online training courses as well as in-person classes. DogTEC, NAPPS, and Pet Sitters International are three organizations that can help individuals start a dog walking service.

One of the most important things people need to consider is that starting a dog walking business is like any other business. Insurance, bonding, licenses, corporation filings, marketing, and advertising are all things that should be considered by someone looking to start a business. They are all very important in addition to the dog walking.

If you like the idea of working for yourself, being around dogs, and spending your time outside, starting a dog walking company might be something you should consider.