Start a Gourmet Dog Treat Business

Dog TreatsAlmost everyone knows how much people love their pets and how indulgent some pet owners are to their little furry companions. Americans spend approximately 52 billion dollars every year on their pets. Just for dog treats alone, owners spend an average of $70 each year on each dog. Considering there are about 78 million pet dogs in the United States, that is a considerable amount of money spent on dog treats.

Many dog owners are no longer satisfied to just buy treats off the shelves and are now beginning to demand healthy, nutritious goodies for their canine friends. All of this means that this is a perfect time to start a gourmet dog treats business because there is a big market for it. You can learn all about starting this type of business online.

People are becoming more health conscious for their pets as well as for themselves, and are objecting to the chemicals and additives in expensive commercial treats. At the same time, good, wholesome dog treats can be made for just pennies from natural ingredients. Though inexpensive to make, they sell for many times more than it actually costs to produce delightful, good-tasting treats for special pets, creating a great profit margin.

The first step in planning to start any business is to determine what, if any, permits you need and ask about any zoning restrictions in your neighborhood. Check with local city or town offices to ask what the local requirements are.

If you already have a business centered around pets, such as dog walking or dog grooming, then you may already have the necessary permits or license. Branching out into making homemade treats will be quite simple in that case. Even if you are not already in business, it will be quite easy to start a gourmet dog treats business.

After the paperwork is completed and you are ready to start, you need to do a little advertising. Print flyers from your computer and put them around town. Give out free samples and ask family and friends to tell everyone they know who has a pet, what you are doing. Keep working at it, and you will be successful in your new venture.

You will be able to set your own hours, work from home and make good money when you start a gourmet dog treats business.

Photo: Flickr