Special Offer for Dog Walkers!

I believe the listing price on DogWalker.com is very fair, so I don’t make this kind of offer very often. Today, I am going to make an exception though and give you a special offer that is very easy to obtain.

In honor of the launch of DogPark.com, a sister website to DogWalker.com, I am going to offer a $10 discount to any dog walker who signs up for a new listing on DogWalker.com after posting a dog park review on DogPark.com. The review can be positive, it can be negative, it can be very short, or it can be in depth. I just want to help people learn about local dog parks, and your knowledge can help.

To recap, if you want to save $10 on your new DogWalker.com listing, all you need to do is visit DogPark.com, find your local dog park or dog run that is listed on the site, and post a review (positive or negative). Once you’ve done that, sign up for your listing and in the referral field on the sign up form, mention “DogPark.com review” and I will send you a $10 refund on your listing.