Should You Dress Your Dog in a Halloween Costume?

As Halloween approaches, children and adults of all ages are preparing for trick or treating, Halloween parties, or even simply staying at home to hand out candy. No matter what you’re planning to do on the 31st, it will likely involve wearing a costume. With so many people walking around dressed up, pet owners may wonder about whether or not they should dress up their dog to take part in the fun. Before deciding, be sure to consider the following pros and cons.

Con: Not All Dogs Like Costumes

If your dog has a very independent and dominate personality, they may not enjoy costumes. This is because, in the wild, dogs show dominance by climbing on top of each other. If your dog has a bulky costume on their body, they may feel that their dominance is being threaten. This can result in your dog becoming scared and freezing up, or in acting out to regain their dominance, by attacking the costume on them.

Con: Bathroom Breaks

If your dog is wearing a large costume, such as a flowing ghost costume, they may find it hard to go to the bathroom. This can lead to accidents inside or urine or feces getting on their costume.

Pro: Prepares Dogs For Winter

If you live in an area that gets lots of snow in the winter, wearing a Halloween costume is a great way to prepare your pet for winter. Many dogs will need to wear sweaters or boots to protect their bodies from frost bite. By wearing costumes, even if it’s only for a night, will help get them use to the idea.

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