Should a Dog Wear a Jacket or Sweater in the Winter

Clothes for dogsYou’ve seen them on dogs walking down the street in colder months. The decorated sweaters and dog jackets that many pets sport seem to be used as much for show as they are used for practical purposes. Dog clothing is great for some dogs, but as you can see in the picture to the left, dogs like Lucy (a 3 year old puggle) hates wearing any clothes, and she won’t go to the bathroom is she has a dog coat or sweater on her!

Don’t let people’s tendency to like stylish pet clothes fool you. Dog jackets and other clothing for dogs are appropriate for many dogs when the temperatures start to fall. Although insulating clothes may not be necessary for all breeds of dogs, you can be certain that when you use one to keep your animal friend warm, it will thank you in its own way, especially as the temperatures dip well below freezing.

A number of dog families were bred for warmer climates. Types like chihuahuas, dachshunds and other miniatures originated in temperate tropical climates but have nonetheless found their way to owners all over the world. Your dog shouldn’t have to suffer for its high appeal factor, but they simply don’t have enough of the thick, multilayered insulating fur that keeps larger cold-climate breeds warm in low or freezing weather.

If your dog seems cold outside when you take them for walks or go to play in the crisp air, you might want to get them a sweater, jacket or vest. One very common sign of a cold dog is shivering, and this should be taken into consideration when thinking about buying clothing for your dog.

Keep in mind that many dog breeds with adequate fur, however, can easily overheat if they are given insulating clothing, so they generally go unclothed in all but the most irregular cold conditions. For instance, it would probably be unwise to put a jacket on your Husky or Alaskan Malamute.

If you have questions about whether your dog should wear a jacket or sweater, you should ask your veterinarian. Keep your dog comfortable this Winter, although that may not actually mean putting some clothing on him or her.