Shelter Dog Walkers: Benefits that Outshine Profit

Walk DogsIf the idea of walking dogs appeals to you, but you are not interested in dealing with hassles such as obtaining licenses or procuring clients, volunteering to walk dogs for your local shelter can be a perfect opportunity to express your love and compassion for animals. Offering your services makes a positive impact on your community and a huge difference in the lives of many homeless dogs.

Because of space limitations, many dogs housed in shelters or rescues live in cramped areas. The one-on-one attention they are given is limited because of the sheer number of animals that must be tended by an often small, busy staff. Health and behavior problems can develop if dogs do not get adequate exercise and interaction with humans, and these problems can lessen their chances of eventual adoption. You could help make them happier and healthier today and more likely to find a forever home tomorrow.

Volunteering at shelters has many rewards. It is great motivation to exercise and get fresh air. The companionship and affection returned by grateful animals is priceless. You may even meet up with like-minded people who could become great friends. If you have not pursued dog-walking as a business because you do not have much experience handling dogs, the shelter staff will likely be willing to educate you and offer tips. It’s free hands-on experience that you can apply to future career choices or personal interests. In the process, you will make the world a kinder place for many lonely, abandoned and homeless animals.

To become a volunteer, simply look in your phone directory or search online to find local animal shelters. Opportunities may be listed as animal protection agencies, breed rescues, animal control offices, or humane societies. The staff will be grateful and happy to hear from you.

You may not be able to rescue every dog, but you can give homeless dogs extra love and attention that they need desperately!

Photo: Flickr