Riverside Park Dog Run

Riverside Park Dog RunOne of my favorite dog runs in New York City is in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  At the 72nd Street entrance to the park, there are two dog runs – one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. Since my dog Lucy is a 25 pound puggle who LOVES to run, we generally take her to the larger dog run, although the dog run for small dogs is also good if there are other playful dogs.

At nearly all hours during the day, there can be anywhere from a few dogs to several (10+ dogs) in the dog run. There’s a mix of dog breeds, and there’s also a mix of dog owners Upper West Side dog walkers that bring dogs to Riverside Park. The gravel in the park is well maintained, and there is a small pool that can be filled with the water hose if weather permits in the summer. This pool can be found in the larger dog run.

In the small dog run, there’s a unique feature to cool dogs off – a mister that gently sprays dogs (and people) during the hot days. In the late afternoon, the shadow from the West Side Highway helps to keep the smaller dog run shady. There is also a large tree in each of the dog runs, offering shade to people and dogs. A number of benches can be found on the sides of both dog runs, and there are also benches around the trees found in both dog runs.

The Riverside Park dog run is especially full on the weekends, making it more fun for your dog. Rules are posted in the entry way for each dog run, and dog owners are expected to ensure their dog(s) follow the rules.