Dog Walking Books

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Books for Dog Walkers

Whether you are a dog owner, dog walker, or you are looking to establish a dog walking business, there are several books that you can read to learn great dog walking techniques.

Dog Walker's Startup GuideThe Dog Walker’s Startup Guide

Packaged together, the book and the 30 minute video DVD (NTSC format) is also packed with bonus material such as business forms, agreements, letters, sample advertisements and more! The Dog Walker’s Companion complements The Dog Walker’s Startup Guide and gives you the full advantage when starting your own dog walking business.

This easy to follow step-by-step guide teaches:

How to assess the number of clients you ll need to meet your financial goals, what services will creatively sell your business and lead the competition, how to create a winning web presence that promotes customer confidence and sells your business, how to create a professional welcome packet, how on-the-fly photo updates can enrich your service, professional advertising strategies revealed in detail… and more!


Face in the WindowThe Face In The Window: A Guide To Professional Dog Walking

For those of you who want to work with dogs for a living, consider becoming a dog walker and/or boarding dogs in your own home. The demand for these services is booming! The author teaches you how to meet new clients, market your services, and all the details you need to know to succeed in this fun and creative business.

According to the Midwest Book Review, the book “is an expert introduction to the fun and profitable business of dog walking. Introducing readers to many of the aspects of the complexities encountered when working with dogs such as their particular personalities, their probable interest in passerby’s, The Face In The Window serves as an ideal reference for managing dogs in cars, covers the regulation of finances in starting up a dog walking business, and a great many more informative and interesting details of such a venture.”


How to Run a Dog BusinessHow to Run a Dog Business—Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is

To succeed as a dog pro you need more than dog expertise. You need business savvy. This book, written for newcomers and established dog pros alike by Veronica Boutelle, dogTEC’s owner and the industry’s top consultant, charts the path to professional fulfillment and financial security in a crowded marketplace.

What do other dog pros say? “Veronica loves and respects dog trainers. This book holds invaluable practicalities, counsel, structure, and support…” Jean Donaldson, author of Culture Clash, Dogs are From Neptune, Fight! and Mine! Director of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers.

“Clear, concise, easy-to-read, and extraordinarily valuable. Read this book!” Trish King, Behavior & Training Director, Marin Humane Society, author of Parenting Your Dog.

“Veronica’s book is required reading at my instructor’s courses.” Terry Ryan, author of Coaching People to Train Their Dogs and Outwitting Dogs.