Dog Walker Checklist

Before you leave your dog in the care of a dog walker, there are several important things your dog walker needs to know to keep your dog safe and healthy. Don’t forget to give this information directly to your dog walker or to leave it in an obvious place such as the refrigerator or on the counter with your house keys.

  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Veterinarian’s phone number and address
  • Dog’s allergy information
  • Secret key location or lock combination
  • Home security alarm code
  • Location of collar, leash, treats, doggie bags, and other walking necessities
  • Amount of food your dog eats, and feeding time
  • Your dog’s special tendencies

We also recommend that you leave a pad of paper and a pen for your dog walker to leave a note. You’ll want to know if your dog had an upset stomach, had a run in with a neighbor, was sluggish, or if there were any other issues. Your dog walker will want to leave you a note to make certain you are aware of any issues – even if there are none. This will also ensure that your dog is getting the proper care that he or she deserves!