Reply From Scam Email

Earlier today, I mentioned that some advertisers on received a scam email. It appears that what is posted below is the response someone received when she replied to the inquiry.

Do NOT EVER send anyone any money! This type of scam is why there is a disclaimer on the email that goes out from listings. Many other types of websites receive similar scam attempts, and it can be done directly from your site as well. Do not fall prey to this age old scam!


Thanks for your mail. My name is Gary Hoffman and i was bless with a family of four with my lovely wife, my two daughters and myself.I’ll need your services as a dog walker for my dog. I have an American Bulldog called Rocky. He is a big male dog, very friendly, active, Intelligent and he listen alot. Sometimes he might be very playful and he might makes you run sometimes when you hold him if he decide to run because he is very big so you will have no choice to run with him Lol. but once you control him, he will listen to you.

We are presently on a vacation with my wife and my two daughters in Cuba and we will be back on 6th of next month. We formerly live in Mobile, AL. and we are relocating to your city area but our estate manager just got house for us in your city area while we are on vacation and i haven’t be able to get full address details from the estate manager because he has been sick and been in the hospital but I’ll get the full address next week when he is out of the hospital and I’ll let you know. I’ll be needing your service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3hrs in a day to take out my dog on walk and spend time with him. I’ll be paying you $500 in a week. If you think my hours is not okay for you, let me know your hours of availability. My Dog couldn’t travel with us on vacation because Dogs are not allowed its makes me really worried and sad but i decided to keep him with my friend till we back to the states. I need to know answer to the following questions below:

1. Do you have any experience with Dogs before?

2. How many years experience?

3. Are you a Dogs lover that treats them like human being?

4. How old are you?

5. Do you have Dogs?

I’ll be sending you an upfront payment to keep your service till when we get back to the states since. My client will issue a check of $3,561.99 and you will deduct your payment of $500 and you will send the remaining money to my agent via western union and my agent will be needing the money to clear my shipments coming from china. I’ll need the following to have the client mail you the check.

1.Full Name:
2.Address (No P.O.Box Pls):
5.Zip Code:
6.Cell Number:

I await your prompt response and as soon as i get your response.

Thank You.”

Again, never ever, ever, ever send someone money like this.