Prospect Park Dog Area in Brooklyn

Dogs in Prospect Park BrooklynMany people fall in love with Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. Not only is Prospect Park a pure paradise for humans, it’s also a haven for man’s best friend. The expanse of vegetation includes many lengthy stretches that are great for running and playing. It’s a pleasant surprise in New York City.

Unlike many other parks with dog areas, Prospect Park even provides visitors with a swimming area for canines. As long as a visitor adheres to the leash rules and other canine-related requirements of Prospect Park, they can have an enjoyable time with their furry friend.

The lush green hues and leafy vegetation along with soft grass makes Prospect Park one of the most visually and sensually attractive destinations to bring a pet while in the city. The park allows canines to roam off leash with the supervision of their owners or dog walkers between 9 pm and 1 am and again from 5 am to 9 am in the Long Meadow, Nethermead, and Peninsula areas. When visiting any other area of the park, dogs must remain on leash or the owner may face a $100 fine.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn can be found at 95 Prospect Park West. As visitors enter the park, they can find the designated canine swim area close to the Long Meadow ball fields. Most visitors enter from 9th street for easiest accessibility.

Anyone staying in Brooklyn or near by should check out the Prospect Park. Those with canines can really appreciate the attractive appearance and atmosphere of the park, which is described by some as nearly intoxicating. The park also includes unique features for pets, like the canine accessible swim area. Some areas are also permitted for off leash play during certain hours of the day. Overall, Prospect Park dog area in Brooklyn is one of the finest the city has to offer.

Photo: Flickr