Professional Dog Walking: Seattle Style

When my husband’s job sent him to Seattle for a six month project, I was able to leave our house along with our 5 dogs in the care of our grown daughter and go with him. For the first 2 months I was content to make our temporary living space more like a home, but after that was accomplished I began to get stir crazy.

I read about the growing need for Seattle dog walking services, and the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. Since I was desperately missing my own dogs, I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I put an ad in the Seattle Times “pet needs” section and within days I had 4 clients. After meeting with them one by one and explaining my non-professional dog expertise to them, I was hired! I charged $20/wk per dog. That included 3 walks per week. Because these walks lasted between 2 and 4 hours, I also provided fresh bottled water as well as healthy treats for my new canine buddies. I also provided pick up and delivery service.

I took them to several different dog friendly areas with many sights to see….or smell. My favorite places to take them was Discovery Park and Magnuson Park, but sometimes we would switch it up a bit and go to Seward Park Trails or Burk-Gilman Trail. I only took 2 dogs at a time so not to overwhelm myself and I wanted to be sure that each dog got the attention they deserved. I absolutely enjoyed myself as much as the dogs.

I got my daily excercise while being payed to do so, and I had so many laughs along the way! The only downside to my 3 month gig as a dog walker was that when it was time for us to leave Seattle, I had to say goodbye to them. I wonder if they still think about me?