Types of Insurance a Professional Dog Walker Should Have

Insurance for Dog WalkersWhen choosing the right insurance for your business as a professional dog walker, there are several things to consider. Planning for the unforeseen is a crucial part of selecting insurance that provides best for you, your personal and business assets, and limits your liability for any pet in your care.

While you may not think an animal in your care could be injured, or that a dog you’re walking in the neighborhood would bite someone, these things can and do happen, and they can happen without any notice (and to anyone). There are many reasons why dog walker insurance is important.

Professional liability and bonding are two forms of insurance that are available through a number of sources including the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, which offers members additional health, dental and life insurance options. Another source for liability insurance is through an insurance company that specializes in policies for businesses. Among these types are Business Insurers of the Carolinas, PSA Insurance Services and Mourer-Foster Inc.

Before getting a policy, make sure the annual liability limits are sufficient, and will cover vet or medical bills, damage to property, and loss of life for a pet in your care. Other things to consider include coverage if you are transporting a pet, and coverage for a family member or employee that may be working for you.

It’s recommended that you contact a lawyer for more information about the insurance you need as a dog walker and a business owner. Make sure you are protecting yourself and your family, while ensuring the safety of the dogs you walk.