Popular Dog Parks in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Dog ParkWhether on a short visit, on vacation, or a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, knowing where to take your dogs for some exercising and socializing with other pets is important. Even if you have a big yard, dogs like to have some sensory stimulation and meet with other dogs. It will also benefit you as a dog owner, to exercise with your pet. In Nashville, there are currently three parks for dogs, where you can take your precious pooch and play until it gets tired and wants to get back home for some much-deserved treats or biscuits. The following is a list of dog parks in the Nashville area.

Shelby Bottoms is located at Shelby Avenue at S 20th street. The hours for this park are from sunrise until 8 pm. It is behind the Shelby Park Community Center.

The Centennial Dog Park is located at 2500 West End Avenue and is open from dawn until 8 pm.

Warner Dog Park is opened from dawn until dusk and is located at 50 Vaughn Road in Edwin Warner Park. These three parks are considered the metro area dog parks.

In general these parks require dog owners to have dogs vaccinated for rabies and wear id tags at all times, dogs must be leashed outside the fence area, when entering and leaving the area, owners enter at their own risk and are responsible for their dog’s behavior, including removing an aggressive dog immediately. Another regulation is that pit bulls or dogs that have the physical characteristics of a pit bull are not allowed in the parks, as well as female dogs that are in heat. Kids under 10 years are not allowed in the fenced area and adults must supervise kids at all times.

In addition, puppies under four months of age are not permitted in the metro parks, dog food, human food, or glass containers are not allowed, dog grooming, spiked collars are not allowed as well, and only two dogs per handler are allowed. Organized activities, shows, and events are prohibited in the parks.

All regulations for the metro area dog parks can be found on the city’s website.

Although these are the only three metro area dog parks, there are other dog parks in near areas.

Centennial Dog Park Photo: Flickr