Dog Walkers May Want to Offer Pooper Scooper Services

Dog Poop CleanupPooper scoopers provide valuable services to anyone who owns a dog. These men and women comb through the backyard, front yard, and any other outdoor property and pick up any animal waste that is still sitting around. It may not be a particularly fun job, but it’s essential to many pet owners.¬†Poop pick up and removal will make the yard look much better, and may even open it up to barbeques and other outdoor activities that had previously not been feasible.

Dog pooper scoopers can do their job in a number of ways. Most will work with a mini-shovel and a plastic bag. The waste can be easily scooped up with the shovel and dropped into the bag. For projects where there is a lot of animal waste involved, pooper scoopers might very well want to bring along one larger bag. At the end of the day, this larger bag can be emptied into a secure outdoor trash receptacle.

Individuals who are already self-employed as dog walkers (or dog walking services) will recognize a few advantages to adding a pooper scooper service to their job description or service offering. Because they will already have a list of dog owners that are customers who trust them, they can go to these customers and see if they would like them to remove the dog waste from their property in addition to their walking service.

Likewise, this is a way for dog walkers to make some decent extra money. If they are going to be walking dogs, then they will already be visiting the houses of many of their customers. They can simply offer to stay for an extra hour or two to perform some extra work. This will not require any transportation costs, as no gas money will need to be expended. As long as the dog walkers perform generally good work at picking up the waste, they will likely be asked back on a regular basis.

The dog waste disposal service should be offered for a moderate price. A very cheap price will not be worth the effort, while an expensive price will alienate customers, who will likely decline the service. By putting some careful thought into the process, dog walkers should come to some idea of how much to charge. If they need to adjust it one way or the other, they should feel free to go ahead and do this.

Photo: Flickr