Please Donate to Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter

After the devastating tornados and violent storms that swept through Alabama in April, the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is in desperate need of your donations. They are seeking monetary donations and pet supplies to help take care of the animals that have been brought to the shelter for care.

The animal shelter is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As you may be aware, Tuscaloosa was recently devastated by the tornados that swept the South in late April. Although the structure of the shelter sustained minimal damage, they are facing a huge burden by the large amount of displaced pets that have been brought in to them recently. Many pets lost their owners or homes during the storms and have been brought to the shelter in desperate need of care, which they are being given.

The Shelter especially needs monetary donations in order to help keep its temporary guests in the best of health. Not only has the strain on the shelter increased because of the extra need for basic necessities, but many of these dogs and cats have come to the shelter injured and need of expensive medical care.

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter also needs donations of basic pet supplies such as dog and cat food, pet food bowls, cat litter, towels, blankets, collars and leashes, flea and tick preventatives, pet carriers and crates. Cleaning supplies such as bleach and paper towels are also needed to help keep the facility clean and disease-free.

The dedicated staff of professionals at Metro Animal Shelter has been working around the clock to provide the best care for these displaced pets. Your donations will help provide the basic necessities and medical care. Perhaps most importantly, your donations will help them to find these pets permanent homes where they can be taken care of and loved forever.

The shelter has been without power or phone lines since the tornados. The best way to get donations to the shelter is by mail or by dropping items off directly at the shelter. The address is:

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter
3140 35th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is a 501c-3 non-profit organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Many people watched the news of the devastation in Alabama and would like to help but are unsure as to what they could do. You could make a horrible situation a little better for many families by letting them know that you care about their homeless pets. Donations in any amount are appreciated.

Please consider donating to the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.