Peter’s Park Dog Run in Boston

If you reside in the greater Boston area and would love to find a great place for your dog to run off leash, you will want to check out Peter’s Park Dog Run in Boston, Massachusetts. This family friendly location is perfect for any dog lover or dog walker.

Peter’s Park provides 13,000 square feet for dogs to run offleash and get plenty of exercise, all while socializing with other dogs who are in the park. The park also has an enclosed space of 3,000 square feet that is just the right size for smaller dogs to enjoy without fearing for their safety. This park offers a safe, clean area where dogs can run and play without being confined to a leash.

The safety of dogs and their owners also plays a huge part in why Peter’s Park Dog Run has been so successful. Dogs that are known to be aggressive are not permitted in the park. This allows the owners of both large and small dogs to have the peace of mind in knowing they will be safe. The park also has occasional events that help dogs and owners socialize and get acquainted with each other.

Peter’s Park Dog Run is conveniently located in Boston’s South End and is the perfect location for families to spend quality time with their pets and each other.