Pet Sitters Make Great Dog Walkers

Pet SittingA natural step for pet sitters is to expand their talents walking dogs when owners are unable to do so. Pet owners need reassurance that their dog walker is going to provide a safe and secure walk. A pet sitter or service may already have all the necessary tools to begin walking dogs. Consider the extra money and new clientele dog walking can bring into your business.

Having a job as a pet sitter has already shown the necessary love and compassion to be a dog walker. Owners need to know their dog walker is going to give their dog the same loving treatment on a walk the dog would receive at home. Having experience and references as a sitter will reassure new owners that you are a terrific fit.

Protecting oneself and a person’s beloved pet during a walk is tremendously serious. A pet sitter is going to have a decent handle on body language and the pack mentality that a dog walker needs to know. Professional pet sitters also have the necessary certifications and insurance that dog walkers also require. Pet sitters will have a built in clientele and trusted references to get a jump on a dog walking business.

Expanding sitting services into walking services is an easy and natural growth of business for most pet sitting services. Providing an extra service such as dog walking is going to bring in extra money easily because it provides variety to your customers. Having pet care experience will also make a pet sitter stand out from the competing walkers because it shows dependability.

Steps on how a Pet Sitter can Become a Dog Walker

Exercise, fresh air, happy companions and extra cash are the bonuses of adding dog walking to pet sitting services. A dog walker also gets to connect with fellow animal lovers. New connections and friends will continue to add to a company’s dog walking and pet sitting adventure. Sitting for pets has set up the foundation to expand this business venture to helping busy owners walk their dogs.

Photo: Flickr