Pet Insurance is Important!

This will be a very quick post. Apparently my dog ate a latex glove in Central Park the other day. We didn’t notice anything peculiar until she began throwing up and had diarrhea. We figured she may have caught a gastrointestinal bug, so we fed her a bland diet for the evening (white rice).

Later in the evening and as the night progressed, her condition worsened. She couldn’t get comfortable and continued to vomit and have a very upset stomach. In fact, she started to have bloody diarrhea and couldn’t control this (she went on the apartment floor for the first time ever).  I immediately brought her to the emergency veterinarian who did a work up of tests.

One of the radiographs revealed that she had something in her stomach about 3cm big, and the veterinarian ordered an endoscopy to see what it was and if they could remove it. Luckily for us, they were able to remove it. The cost for her stay was very expensive, but we have pet insurance and assume much of this expensive will be covered.

The moral of this story is that if your dog gets sick, your pet insurance should save you considerably.