Pet CPR: A Responsibility for Every Life

As I previously discussed in the post about Pet CPR for dogs, the lives of the dogs in our families are just as important as any human we love. Having the ability to protect that life in the event of an emergency should be a skill that anyone who loves their dog or works with dogs on a daily basis should possess.

CPR is a life-saving skill that applies to dogs as well as humans. Attaining proper training in this procedure for our furry canine friends can prevent a needless loss of life in many situations. Certification courses in the procedures for dog CPR offer the opportunity to work with canine mannequins and acquire valuable information about maintaining total canine health. This type of in-depth information is generally not available through sources which are offering internet training courses.

Humans who work with dogs in high-risk situations benefit the most from CPR training. They are also in the best position to reduce injury and the loss of life for dogs that work to assist in maintaining the safety of a community. The trainers of fire dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, and seeing-eye dogs all consider this skill to be critical.

CPR courses are offered by institutions large and small. Local organizations such as First Aid for Paws and provide live classes and resources to locate live classes in your area. The Red Cross is the largest institution to offer training in this area nationwide.

Courses are generally offered in single sessions which can last anywhere from 4 to 7 hours. The cost of classes generally ranges between $60 and $80. These classes cover many more skills in addition to CPR. The majority of courses also provide information on dental care, emergency care, caring for a senior pet, and general first aid. Participants are provided with handbooks that review the information discussed in class as well. Completion of the course will certify the student in pet CPR for 2 years in most states. Classes are comprised of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on applications of skills.

If you are working with dogs on a daily basis, it’s important for you to know Pet CPR. Not only is a certificate a good marketing tool for your dog walking business, but it can help save the life of someone else’s best friend.

Photo: Flickr