Pedaling with Pets

Bike Tow LeashIf you’re looking for a safe, effective way to work out with your dog while biking, look no further.

The 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash®, a unique new dog exerciser, lets you exercise your dog while exploring new places, enjoying trail rides, or running errands.  As you pedal, your dog becomes an enthusiastic exercise partner and companion receiving a satisfying workout.

Bike Tow Leash prevents injuries to you and your dog. The unique patented mast prevents bike tipping from dog side pulls, reduces jolts, and gently trains heel position. The resilient mast lets dogs catch up on turns away, notifies dogs of turns toward them, and allows dogs to drop behind the bike to avoid obstacles on narrow sidewalks or trails.  Because, the BTL is so safe and effective on bikes, its use has expanded to other personal mobility devices including recumbents, wheel chairs, tricycles, scooters and Segway®.

Now you can ride safely without worrying about tipping or getting your dog’s leash tangled up in the wheels or gears of your bike.

Bike Tow Leash installs easily on bikes and other personal mobility devices. Easy-To-Follow instructions (included in each order) will have you both riding in no time since the BTL can be installed (and removed) in under a minute with no tools. The ease of installation makes it a snap to move BTL from one bike to another.  When riding alone, just clip it to the back of your seat, out of the way.

Dogs love the Bike Tow Leash and quickly master running with your bike ~ generally in just a few strides. Dogs wanting to run faster than you get a great workout, and often help propel your bike by simply running forward.

Developed for raising service dog puppies, the 1-Running-Dog BTL:

* Gently guides and trains dog into HEEL POSITION
* Communicates bike direction and speed changes automatically
* Provides superior stability and a resilient barrier between dog & bike
* Allows dog to efficiently propel the bike as a Paw + Pedal Hybrid Bicycle
* Great affordable fun in a small efficient go anywhere device



Instead of holding your dog back while walking, by constantly commanding “HEEL,” BTL lets your pet take you for a ride!

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