Parthenon P.U.P.S. Professional Pet Services

4501 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, Tennessee - TN
Service Areas: Downtown & West Nashville
Phone: 615-469-2123


Professional, experienced and dependable pet care providers in Nashville, TN. Our pet services include in-your-home pet sitting, dog walking, potty breaks, socialization/play dates, pet taxi, house sitting, medication administration, dog training and kennel-free boarding.

We are much more than your average dog walkers and pet sitters. What sets us apart is our experience and specialized skills.


We are Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid & CPR. We are trained to recognize a pet health emergency and know how to respond appropriately.


We ALWAYS walk your dog on leash. We also check collars to make sure they are slip-proof before each walk. While walking your dog, we are always aware of our surroundings and any free-roaming dogs. We know how to read their body language and avoid contact whenever possible. Your dogs are safe when they are with our trained dog walkers.


We know how to appropriately greet your pet, putting him immediately at ease with us. If you have a shy or nervous pet, no worries. They instinctually know that we understand them and learn to trust us very quickly. Additionally, we love your pets like you do! We treat your pets like our own, offering love and affection at no additional charge! Most boarding facilities, including vet offices, actually charge an add-on fee for showing your pets love. We feel that that is just wrong! Besides, that’s the best part of our job!


Does your dog take you for a walk? With our daily dog walking service, we will teach your dog to “heel” on a walk and eliminate their pulling on leash. Dogs get the most from a walk when they are in “travel” mode. It not only drains physical energy, but also provides mental stimulation. With us, your dog will get more exercise in a 30 minute “power” walk, than they do in a 1-hour “drag my owner down the street” walk.


Socialization is very important for dogs! They are pack animals by nature, so it’s in their nature to want to be with other dogs. We offer socialization through group walks and play dates. We evaluate your dog’s personality and match him with either another client dog or one of our own personal dogs. This ensures that everyone will safely have fun together. A well-socialized dog is a happy and well-balanced dog.

Call us today to learn how we can help you and your pets!

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Nashville, Tennessee - TN