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Pampered Pals

My name is Sarah Smolak, I work as an animal rehabilitator and now have started my own company, Pampered Pals Pet Care Services, to care for your animals as working with animals is a passion of mine, not a job.

Pampered Pals is a small one person company dedicated to offering a unique variety of services to accomidate every pet and their needs. My services include, but are not limited to, daily, weekly, or as needed dog walking and check-in visits for dogs, cats, & other animals, over night house sitting, and training.

I am highly experienced spending four years working in animal rehabilitation and training. I have created a training guide for shelter animals describing common dog behaviors and how to work with dogs demonstrating such behavior and am also trained as vet tech, in addition to completing some dog behavior work shops. My experience allows for walks of all breeds, sizes, temperaments, and medical condition. I dedicate my free time to create the best enrichment walks I can, ensuring maximum comfort and happiness for your dog. Due to the nature of my job I rarely travel so I will almost always be available for your pet.

Pampered Pals has a personalized walking program, you can call as needed, schedule only a few walks a week, or use daily. My services provides Solo walks: ideal for dog reactive or selective walks, Training walks: ideal for puppies or dogs that are pullers, leash reactive, etc., “Pack” walks: great for dogs that love to be around other dogs or for socializing new dogs and puppies, Park walks (“pack” and solo): rather than walking around the neighborhood have your dog enjoy a run around in one of your local parks, and the your average basic walk, you can mix and match the different offered walks throughout the week to keep your dogs schedule new and fun or you can pick just one for a consistent walk.

I also offer daily check-in visits, great for small animals and cats, as well as overnight pet sitting in the clients home.

I accept all species, breeds, and behaviors, in addition to all last minute requests. However, before I begin caring for your pet I require a complimentary meet and greet with you and your pets.

I have multiple references available upon request.