Pamper the Dog Walker Who Pampers Your Pet

When it’s time to buy Christmas gifts, make sure to put your favorite dog walker on the list. Your dog walker makes your life easier. If you didn’t have the help, your precious pooch would be bouncing off the walls, driving you crazy with all the pent-up energy.

What’s the best gift for the person that gives your dog so much love and attention? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Walking a dog is a physically demanding task. The activity puts wear and tear on the legs, arms, feet and back. That’s why a gift certificate for a relaxing massage makes an excellent gift. Make sure the gift certificate is enough to cover the entire massage, and not just a portion of it. Otherwise, your dog walker might end up with a hefty bill at the end of services.

If there are no massage services available in your area, you can still take the gift certificate route. You can buy a gift certificate to a store that sells athletic shoes and sports clothing. Your dog walker will appreciate being able to buy a new comfortable pair of walking shoes. They might even choose to buy some comfortable t-shirts and sweat pants. All of these items are available from stores that cater to athletes. Your dog walker can get an entire outfit and new shoes with your generous gift.

Perhaps you feel that gift certificates are too impersonal. In that case, why not buy your dog walker a nice scarf or jacket? It gets pretty cold out during the winter, but the dog still has to go out. A cozy jacket and warm coat will surely be appreciated.

A certificate to a nice restaurant makes a good gift as well. Everyone appreciates good food. Give your dog walker a certificate to a restaurant they enjoy. Without being too obvious, try to find out your dog walker’s favorite restaurant. If you can’t get their favorite place, then try to find out where they’d like to go, but haven’t been. That’s your ticket to treating them to the perfect dinner.

Here’s some more advice on how to tip your dog walker this Christmas.

Photo: Flickr